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Ways of Sacred Living. 


Soul Realignment Reading & Clearing

Would you like to know what your life purpose is? 

What your talents and gifts are, that you brought with into this lifetime? 

Why it seems that you have difficulties to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams? 

What your blockages and restrictions are and what has caused them in the first place? 


In a Soul Realignment™ session I will intuitivly access the  Akasic Records and 

uncover all this questions for you. You will get a full Soul Profile Reading and clearing 

of negative influences, blockages and restrictions in your Soul Record.


This Reading is also a wonderful gift to give to your children or Partner! 


Sessions are conducted by email. After I have done your reading and clearing you will get a 

PDF of your reading.


  Energie exchange: sFr 222.- 


To purchase a Reading, please click on the link below, thank you!