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Hi sweet friends, I hope you are all doing fine and you and your loved once are healthy. 

The time that we have been waiting for has finally arrived and the changes have really begun. 

This is a challanging time for all of us and it is important to take care of our selfs. To keep your immunesystem strong and healthy and stay grounded in your own energy, your power and shine your light. We are called to be pillars of light to help all of humanity and Gaia, Mother Earth to move through this time as best as we can. 

This situation we are facing right now creates a lot of uncertainty, fear, worry and even anger. We might feel it within ourselves or tap into the fear of our loved once or we might just tap into the collective grid. 

Either way it is very important at the moment to stay grounded, let your light shine, and clear your energy frequently. 

I would love to offer you my support to help you on your journey, if you need help in clrearing your energy or help support your body I am offering my  Energtic Clearing Sessions and the whole

Soul Realignment Reading at a reduced price. 

If you need help, but are facing financial difficulties, please reach out to me and we'll find a solution. 

The reduced price only show up after you clicked  on booking.




Mona-Oha  - Trust

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